May 25, 2012
We had a great year in filmmaking. We completed about 100 short promotional, informational, and introductory videos for our business partners. They networked with over 20 companies this year and worked in a team environment involving Interactive Design, Global Business, Technology Solutions and business partners. Each student developed their personal style in filmmaking through 12 creative projects. Filmmakers were able to express their creativity in film, motion graphics and music. Actors and directors visited our classroom to offer advice, look at creative work of students, talk about careers in film and share their experiences and creative work. Students also had the opportunity to receive 6 hours of college credit in filmmaking. For the students who wanted to open their own production companies in the future, FastTrac training and certification was offered through The Kaufman Foundation. All in all it has been a great year. Who knows what these students will accomplish in the next few years.

May 11, 2012
Filmmaking students will present their last project on Monday. The seniors will work on resumes and their portfolios as their exiting project. Juniors will continue to work on projects of their choice, help inventory the room, write their resumes and build their personal portfolios.

Matt Aiello won Best in the Experimental category and Greg Castro received Honorable Mention in the Comedy category at the Focus Film Festival, Sunday, March 29. There were over 200 participants entering videos in 12 categories.  It was a tough competition with only one award given for each category. There is so much talent in our filmmaking class and it was great for Matt and Greg to win the recognition they deserve. Who knows what next year holds.

April 27, 2012
Filmmaking students presented their new projects Wednesday and they were all unique and fabulous in their own way. They have only one project left to present and create their portfolio. How fast this semester has flown.

This Sunday we will attend the awards ceremony for a film festival in Lawrence. Two students won awards, but we are not sure what awards they won. I will let you know next week in the update.

We only have final delivery left on three business partner projects: KCMTA (Kansas City Music Teacher Association), Holly Dowling and Reach Out and Read. All three projects have been approved by the clients and we just have to put the actual DVDs in their hands. Hopefully that will happen next week. What a great year it has been and our business partners have been fabulous. We hope to continue our relationships with them and develop new projects next year with many of the same business partners.

April 20, 2012
Filmmaking students are working on creative projects and will continue working on projects until the end of the year.

April 13, 2012
This week in Engineering Design and Development, students studied for their Trigonometry Assessment 4/13/12, worked on their Trifold Presentation boards, started building their projects with picture documentation, and started working on their project summaries. The students also voted on who they thought should be the innovator of the year for CAPS.

April 6, 2012
Monday is the big day for filmmaking students. They present one of 3 projects. I can't wait to see what they have created. Friday, of course, is crunch day with everyone putting finishing touches on their videos and burning them to DVDs to show on the big screen. Once they have presented this project they will begin on another with a presentation date of April 23.

March 30, 2012
Filmmaking students are working on their individual creative projects until the end of the semester. They are all working on different projects because they get to choose what project they do first: portrait documentary, short fictional narrative or their final project which they get to design. On Monday, April 9, students will present one of their projects to the group and hand in a their production books.

Students also finished the FastTrac training through the Kaufman foundation and most have submitted an Executive Summary and supporting materials for the beginning of a business plan. The students who did submit will receive a certificate and a password to access information on the Kaufman Foundation’s website.

March 23, 2012
Filmmaking students have spent the week in FastTrac training. At the end of the week they will have an outline fleshed out of a business plan of a business they may want to start. It has been a full week of information and homework. They have some great ideas for businesses and have a better idea of what it would take to open a production company, make independent films, a sound studio or a business of their choice.

Next week they will begin 3 projects to complete the year. Each project will be due in two weeks: a portrait documentary, a short fictional narrative and their final project. They get to choose the order of what project they work on first and so on

March 2, 2012
Filmmaking students are on the fast track trying to complete projects with only 2 days left to meet deadline.

Students are completing an assignment where they were given a script to develop a scene complete with location shooting, props, using match action shots and shot/reverse shot, and sound techniques for dialog and natural sound. The assignment depends on their ability to create a scene following Hollywood continuity technique and creating a quality sound design.

In their business partner world they are finishing their last interviews and footage for Reach out and Read, waiting for final approval from LearnTech, continuing edits on Sterling, Holly Dowling, and Cerner, working on a script with KCMTA for the promotional documentary and have completed work with Urge Projects. Today we have a meeting with the Girl Scouts to map out a shoot with them and a short video. Students are also working on music videos that could be incorporated into a documentary being created by David Strabala. We are also waiting to hear from AMC to see if we will create music for some of their employee training videos.

Spring Break is looming and students will leap into FactTrac for the week following spring break. The last few months before summer vacation will be filled to the max. Students will work on a short narrative, a documentary and their individual final projects.

February 17, 2012
Filmmaking students are beginning a new assignment. They all have the same script and must create a scene using Hollywood continuity around the script. Each group has four people and each person has a certain part to play: actor, director, sound, editing, cinematographer. It is always exciting to see what they come up with.

Our filming over the weekend was successful at the KCMTA piano concert. We have great interviews and lots of footage to work with. Students have also begun working on the Cerner High School Expo identifying good interviews and footage of the event. Holly Dowling’s video is in the rough draft stage. We will meet with Holly today to get revisions, corrections, suggestions. Levi from the morning class created all of the music for the video and tweaked the music this morning. Sterling Inc.’s Christmas Concept videos are in the beginning stages. We will send an example early next week for their consideration.

Meagan Flynn Mesmer, an actress and director, will visit our class Tuesday. She will share work with the students, talk about what should be in their portfolios, help with resume writing and talk about the importance of social media. She also shares directing, filming and acting tips. It will be a great way to begin our week.

February 10, 2012
Thursday evening the afternoon students were filming at Cerner's High School Expo. It was an exciting evening and we feel that we recorded some really good interviews and got some great footage of the event.

We are also excited to see our videos played during the sixteen piano concert this Sunday. The afternoon students will again be out in full force both Saturday and Sunday during the dress rehearsal and concerts to gather footage, get photos, and conduct interviews for the documentary. Greg Castro from the morning class is continuing his work with this event.

Morning students traveled to Sterling on Wednesday and had a successful shoot. They will begin the process of creating videos showing the Christmas Warehouse for their website. Morning students also traveled to Lawrence to record the unloading of the grand pianos and setup at Lied Center. Other morning students met with Urge Projects to refine and continue to edit a video they are developing.

When the students are not busy working with business partners, they are learning to use After Effects to create a stamp. There is never a dull moment in filmmaking.

February 3, 2012
Filmmaking students will watch their “edit in the camera” assignment today and critique their peers and their own work. This was a team effort, which is great if your team works well together and awful if they don’t. Their next assignment will be individual as they develop a “brand/stamp” to represent who they are as a filmmaker. They will also work in After Effects to design their graphics, animate, and key out after using the green screen.

We continue to work with business partners. Students in the AM are nearing their deadline with Urge Productions, getting final approval from LearnTech, and just beginning projects with Coincidence Productions, LLC, and Reach Out and Read.

Students in the afternoon group went to Cerner for a walkthrough, conduct an initial interview and gather stock footage for the “high school expo” February 9. They also met with Holly Dowling to finalize their plan and conduct an interview for their promotional video. Next week will be busy for the afternoon class. The film and conduct interviews at Cerner for their High School Expo Thursday evening. We have Friday off, and then Saturday, they will film the dress rehearsal, conduct interviews and get stock footage for a documentary of the sixteen piano concert. On Sunday, they will film the actual concerts, conduct audience interviews and get stock footage. That will complete our footage for KCMTA’s documentary and we can begin putting it together.

Januray 27, 2012
Filmmaking students are busy working with business partners and completing their first creative project. Next week we will watch everyone’s editing in the camera and critique our work. Most groups have completed their first business partner projects and are looking forward to their next venture.

On Thursday we saw “The Artist” as a group. It was good for the morning and afternoon classes to meet one another and see a film together. The students will work on silent movies this semester and create the music to emphasize the emotional elements.

January 20, 2012
Students in filmmaking are already working with business partners. Students in the AM class are working with URGE to create original music and a promotional video for Gillis House, other AM students are creating promotional videos for LearnTech and Reach out and Read. This group is uniquely talented with expertise in music composition, graphic illustration, filming and storytelling. There are going to be great videos coming from this group.

The PM filmmaking students and a student from the AM group are working with KCMTA (Kansas City Music Teachers association) to create a documentary about the performers, volunteers, and sponsors of their sixteen piano concert. Students in the first semester created 21 videos to be shown during the 2 concerts February 12 and a promotional video. Saturday, the PM students will film their first rehearsal at Schmitt Music. During the week of February 6, the PM class with film Cerner’s High School Expo, the 16 piano dress rehearsal, conduct interviews, gather footage for the documentary and then Sunday of that week film both concerts at the Lied Center in Lawrence. Today they will meet with Holly Dowling to discuss a promotional video they are developing. This group is also multi-talented with expertise in music composition, sound engineering, graphic illustration, creative filming and photography, and storytelling. We also have 2 students (one student from the AM and one from the PM) who are in full time internships with Digital Sports Ventures. 

Next Thursday, we will view The Artist, a silent movie that has won several Golden Globe awards. Their first creative project is to create a silent movie.
January 13, 2012
Filmmaking students have already created 3 videos for class and presented them to their peers. The videos show their different talents, styles, storytelling ability, interviewing talents and editing skills. I have to say they are quite a diverse group with a variety of talents. We will begin working with business partners next week and their first classroom project assignments. I am really excited about this group. They have so much talent and passion.

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